About Wild Nights | FAQ | Rules | Staff | Guests of Honor

About Wild Nights | FAQ | Rules | Staff | Guests of Honor

About Wild Nights | FAQ | Rules | Staff | Guests of Honor

About Wild Nights | FAQ | Rules | Staff | Guests of Honor

About Wild Nights | FAQ | Rules | Staff | Guests of Honor

About Wild Nights | FAQ | Rules | Staff | Guests of Honor

About Wild Nights | FAQ | Rules | Staff | Guests of Honor

MESA Officers


MESA President

Before coming to Wild Nights, Bittergrim worked as a CNA for 8 years in different hospitals in Missouri. He joined the fandom back when he was 15 and has been working with several Cons in the area. He has been with Wild Nights as our Medical Officer since 2011 and also taken up the mantel of MESA Treasurer since 2013.

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MESA Vice President
Emergency Response

Scotter heads up and advises our Emergency Response Team during Wild Nights, and also stepped up to fill the Vice-President role as part of MESA. He's been a part of the fandom for about 12 years now. His skills are varied, but he's always quick to learn! Hedonism and friendliness are part of his lifestyle, countered by a level head, and has extra Ragin' of the Cajun points as well! If you were to find him out and about, whether he is on duty or off, he is more than willing to chat the time away or even to play a game or two.

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MESA Secretary
A/V Coordinator

Ilari (aka Draklor) is a furry webcomic artist and writer from north Texas. He's been with the fandom for over 6 years, and going to cons for 4. His fursona is that of a fun-loving fox, though his old dragon persona still comes out every now and then. You're most likely to find him helping out wherever he can, and he hopes to see plenty of others doing the same!

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MESA Treasurer
Logistics Coordinator
Registration Coordinator

Heros is a ten-year furry fan from Kansas City, MO. One of the founding members of Wild Nights, Heros is also active in the Society for Creative Anachronism. He is also an experienced but amateur musician.

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Wild Nights Staff


Co-Event Director

LineMonkey is a multi-talented, versatile member of staff. With experience in a little bit of everything, she's the voice in our heads and a competent paperwork guru.


Scheduling Coordinator

Travis has been in the furry fandom for twenty years. His first con was at Feral 2000, and he's been an active part of promoting the furry community ideal since, both at home and at the conventions he's helped with. He was the Gaming Room Organizer at RCFM for three years, the head chef of Oklacon for three years, and in 2007 was Vice President of OAAA, the non-profit that runs Oklacon. He has been Head Chef and MESA President for multiple years, and looks forward to returning to Wild Nights Staff after a great break!


MESA Member at Large

Denver Cubicle-Creature is available to hear all of your concerns, con related and not. I probably can't do anything to help you, but I'm trying hard. Find me in the artist alley and around the fire after dark!

Oda Wolf

MESA Member at Large

Heya! I'm Oda, a friendly folx. I've been to every single Wild Nights thus far and plan to continue to do so. I'm a jack of all trades and prefer to help out in the background. I can usually be found scurrying around the convention helping others, or just chilling out on the top of Robber's Cave. Wild Nights is like my home away from home, with the attendees and staff being something akin to family for me.


MESA Member at Large
Volunteer Coordinator

HI! I am Corsi. I've been in the furry fandom for over 20 years. I lost count. I am a furry parody writer and performer and Wild Nights even made me a Guest of Honor. That being said I like to talk and just casually hang out. I've immensely approchable and like to just kick back and relax when not performing my duties as the Volunteer coordinator. (After I was GoH I got a Staff Infection) Come say Hello to me and my dog Sabina! We can usually be seen together around the camp. And if you want to rack up Volunteer hours, just head into the kitchen, I know they will never turn you away.

Jamie (AKA Xibalba Leopard)/H3>

Head Chef

A native of Huntsville, Alabama and in the fandom since 2006, he is the head of the local fur group North Alabama Regional Furs. He has had his pawprints on a few cons over the past few years from head of Artist's Alley at Rocket City Furmeet, head of Dealer's Den at another con, and now Head Chef here at Wild Nights. He's a bookworm, cat lover, and hobby chef by trade with a love for feeding and providing for others. Let's eat, drink, and be merry! Blessed be!


Furry Drama Show

Hi I am Draconis, a recovering character Performer. I have been active in the fandom since 2001 and have not been able to quit as every year I have been on staff serving in some role or another. I have worked nearly all parts of any convention Anime, Sci Fi, gaming and up to being a con chair for a couple of years. As a performer and fursuiter I am all about performing outside when ever I can as it makes for a better experience then say hotel conventions where you are somewhat limited in your surroundings. I have been a professional mascot for a local raceway and look to entertain folks whenever I can with either the variety show or performing just by myself. I hope to get a chance to talk to you during the con assuming you read this before the con is over!


Kitchen Staff

Caldaq has been a part of Wild Nights since the beginning of time itself and has been trapped in our Kitchen for most of his life only to be let free as a member at large for 4 years. He has since been recaptured and returned to his natural habitat.

Tamara Rose

Artists' Alley

Before moving to Oklahoma, Tamara worked with law enforcement, and also helped her father at security jobs. When she moved to Oklahoma to be with her mate, she discovered the furry fandom. Oklacon 2006 was her first furry event, and she's been to every one she can manage since! This year, she'll be coordinating the efforts of all the fine people who volunteer at the event. See her if you're willing and able to report for duty!

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DJ Lead

Shasta has been with Wild Nights since 2012 and a TFF DJ coordinator since 2017. Bringing sound and lighting design to wild nights for the second year. Lets light it up! He's also staffed large conventions such as MFF and BLFC.


Publications Staff

Most well known as a printer for several different Furry conventions, Keefur is a greymuzzle who discovered the joys of Anthropomorphic art back in 1975 at a Gen Con game con. He became aware of the Fandom and in the short period of time since, has managed to attend many cons and create a fursuit (a Sabertooth Cat named Cutter Cat due to debut at Furry Fiesta 2011). He is easily recognized by his gnarly walking staff and an uncanny resemblance to Wilford Brimley. He is very friendly but quick to turn a phrase or perpetrate a mischievous prank. He won't say exactly where those 100 pink flamingos came from that showed up outside Okidoki Coyote's cabin at the last Oklacon, but we have our suspicions.

Skylor Forscythe

Security Supervisor

Skylor Forscythe has been a member of the fandom for over a decade, having attended dozens of conventions in his time. This, coupled with years of security training and experience, gives him special insight into what it takes to assure the safety and well being of those in attendance in this very special sort of venue. He enjoys jovial conversation, discussions on artwork and sci-fi literature, and has a special love for storm chasing when the season and his schedule permit. Feel free to find him and say hello, as he enjoys making new friends.


Security Staff

Izzy has been a member of the the fandom for nearly ten years, and of the few cons she has attended, Wild Nights is the best of the bunch. When she's not driving big rigs, she enjoys a good movie, book, or just laughing to silly things on the internet. Feel free to come and say hi if you see her, a good conversation, and good friends are always welcome!

Hillbilly Hound


Hillbilly joined Wild Nights three years ago and right from the start he has proven his skills at logistics, handling placement of tents, transportation, and all the other tasks that help make the event run smoothly.

Terrance Jones

Cleanup Coordinator

Originally from the reservation near Topeka, KS, Terrence is a long-time furry fan who has graciously volunteered to spearhead cleanup efforts both during and after the convention. We're always looking for volunteers to help him out with this task as well.