Horseback Riding

For those interested, a Horseback Riding event is offered by the Robbers Cave stables. The cost is $50.00 for a 2+ hour guided tour on horseback through the scenic trails to and around Robbers Cave. Contact BlackDawg via if you are interested.

Can't afford the cost of the event? We will be raffling off a seat in the saddle to one lucky winner! You can purchase raffle tickets at pre-registration or from the Wild Nights store. Tickets are $2.00 each, and the drawing will be held Friday night. You must be present at the time of the drawing to win. BlackDawg will donate $1.00 for each ticket sold to our charity (assuming he is not covering anything out of pocket for lack of tickets sold). If enough tickets are sold, we will do two drawings for multiple people to participate. Any proceeds over and above paying for the cost of the rides will go to our charity.

New Web Site

Thanks to Kaije and Draklor, whose artistic skills provided the new look for the website for this coming year! Wild Nights 2015 is getting underway, and registration should open in the next couple of days. The event will be held April 23rd to 28th, 2015 at Robbers Cave State Park near Wilburton, OK.

This year we are proud to announce our Guests of Honor. Springdragon is an accomplished artist and fursuit maker (bio coming to the Guests page soon). Alexander James Adams is an accomplished Celtic performer and songwriter, and the heir to Heather Alexander's music. His bio is posted on the Guests page.

Thanks to Everyone!

Thanks to everyone who attended Wild Nights 2014! And for those who couldn't make it, we missed you and hope to see you next time! This year, we raised over $2,500 for Safari's, and we are locked in for next year at Robbers Cave State Park on April 23rd to 28th, 2015! We have at least one great Guest of Honor lined up: Springdragon, an awesome artist /and/ fursuit maker, and are in negotiations with at least one more that we can't announce yet. Stay tuned!

This year, we had 302 attendees, nearly 30 percent more than last year! Wow!

If you have photos or videos of the event, please post them in the Gallery section under Community on the website here, so people can see what Wild Nights is all about!

Those who volunteered at the event to help with next year, please send me an E-mail at and strike up conversation! And stay active on the forums. There is a lot to do, and trust me, we will find something that needs doing!

Thanks to everyone for a great year, and we're already looking forward to Wild Nights 2015: Gears Through Time!

Cape Sewing Class

This made it onto the schedule, but there are some last-minute details provided by the person running the event for those wanting to participate!

Please bring the following if you want to make your own cape on-site:

  • Fleece (or other non-fraying cloth) that is 2.5 yards long, in a 60" width. (100 inches x 60 inches)
  • Cloth ribbon - grosgrain or shiny are both okay, just personal preference
  • 1 or 2 large buttons (at least 1 inch diameter)
  • Thread - if they don't want the black and white that I'm bringing

Pre-Registration Closed

Pre-registration is closed. Thanks to all those who pre-registered! If you have pre-registered but not paid, you can still get your payment in by Sunday, April 20th, in order to qualify as pre-registered. If you have not paid by then, you will need to pay the full price at the door ($65 for basic, $90 for sponsor).

Pre-Registration Extended by One Day

Pre-registration was set to close Wednesday, April 9th, 2014. We are extending pre-registration by /one day/ to give people a little extra time, since it is closing earlier this year than in previous years. Get your registration in now and take advantage of this grace period!

Pre-Registartion Closing April 9th

Pre-registration will be closing at the end of April 9th. After that time, you will have to pay at the door if you did not pre-register and pay by the deadline. Get your registration in ASAP! The at-the-door price is $65.00 for Basic level and $90.00 for Sponsor level.

The schedule is now posted! Check it out!

Pre-Registration Now Open!

Pre-registration for Wild Nights 2014 is now Open!


The website is has been redone! We have migrated to a new server, and there has been a good amount of work in updating the website code to get it operational on the new host. The new website is now operational.

Registration will be open in the next few days -- we want to test it extensively on the new hosting platform before we start accepting pre-registrations. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing you at Wild Nights 2014!

Updated Gallery Code

The code for the 'Gallery' page has been updated. You can now log in and post videos as well as just pictures. Please, if you have photos or videos, please post them. Any YouTube video can be linked to within the gallery just by knowing its ID. So please, share what you took, and let others see how much fun there is to be had at Wild Nights!

Feedback Form Posted

We now have a feedback form posted for you to share your experiences with the staff. If you do not select to include your user-id, then your response will be anonymous. Your information will be available only to the staff of Wild Nights. Thank you for helping us make Wild Nights better! You can find it under the 'Community' item on the list.

Thanks To All Who Attended Wild Nights 2013

And for those who couldn't make it, we missed you! This year, we had 272 attendees and donated $1,742 to the charity from the auction and poker. In addition, MESA contributed $1,000 out of the treasury to Safari's, for a total of $2,742 in donations. This is our largest year so far, having grown by nearly 100 attendees over our previous record! Thanks to everyone (staff, volunteers, and attendees) who have helped make Wild Nights such a huge success!

Wild Nights next year will be at the same place, Robbers Cave State Park, from April 24th to the 29th, 2014. Note the extra day! We have rented the camp for an extra day (until Tuesday at noon) for the past couple of years, and this time we're making it official. While there are no real events for the last day, it's a chance to, if you're willing to stick around and help out, to enjoy some last good times, good food, and hang out -- or just get a little extra sleep before you head back.

We are continuing the highly successful theme of this year into next year with Wild Nights in Sherwood Forest. The Good King is away, and the evil King has raised the taxes on the citizens of Wild Nights! Where is the valiant hero to come to the rescue of the people, bringing good food, good times, and great events?

Our Guests of Honor for 2014 are Potoroo (head of the outdoor convention Feral! in Canada and a talented musician) and the Carspeckens (creators of the OzFoxes series). And on top of that, our fursuit performer Guest of Honor is Oki Doki Coyote!

Pre-registration should be open in early October for the new year, and we look forward to seeing you there!